As long as I could remember myself, I have been a fashion freak. Trying to alter my jeans for making cool shorts, creating dresses and  jewelry for my dolls, wearing mum's jewelry and make up has been one of the best times. My love for jewelry and fashion was always there and finally I got to live my dream with Rama.

After 25 years of life, a degree in science, and juggling through some non-science jobs, In 2021 I finally mustered the courage to start my own business and follow my passion. 

I started Rama with a couple of thousands and a vision to make a brand where I would put all my love and passion for Jewelry into creating a brand where I am enabling affordable, classy and fashionable statement jewelry handmade by artisans.

In sanskrit  "Ra" means radiant and  "Ma" stands for myself so that which is radiant in every particle of the being is  "Rama" .

Let's get you ready with all the radiant looks of Rama India. 

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